Top Causes of Low Back Pain Cincinnati

It's been estimated that over 80% of us will deal with low back pain at some point in our life. So, you may be wondering why.

Why do so many of us to deal with lower back pain at some point?

How you move our body, your injury history, and the movement habits that you either do or don't do, every day can play a huge role in either increasing or decreasing your risk of an aching back.

Joints, Discs , Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments

When the joints, discs , muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your spine become overloaded beyond their normal limits you get Low Back Pain Cincinnati.

This can happen in an instant like rotating while lifting, lifting a heavy weight incorrectly, a car accident or traumic incident.

Or, it can happen gradually over a time.

Repetitive stress injuries are where you are stuck in a chronic movement pattern over a long period of time. This can look like sitting at work for 8 hours per day or standing on concrete your whole working life.

Proper Posture Cincinnati

Ok, so most of us try to remember to use proper posture when lifting heavy items. But, did you know the risks associated with sitting?

Researchers have recently discovered that long periods of sitting may be as harmful as smoking.

Sitting for 4 hours a day can increase your risk of back pain by de-conditioning the muscles supporting your spine.

And, studies have also found that sitting can contribute to health concerns like increased blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

Pay Attention to How You Move

Did you know that paying attention to how you move your body is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of back pain?

Maybe your job requires you to be at a computer all day, but that doesn't mean you can't take positive steps towards better health.

Taking a proactive approach with a daily exercise routine and stretching at work can help you reduce your risk of encountering low back pain.

If you’re a desk all day remember to stand up every 30 minutes and move for 30 seconds.

You can walk or stretch, even a little bit during your lunch break.

When you are stuck in your car commuting, having a comfortable lumbar support can also help.

Taking our Advice to Prevent Low Back Pain Cincinnati

Hopefully you are taking our advice and taken steps to prevent Low Back Pain Cincinnati.

And, let’s face it, we are all imperfect clay and things can still go wrong, right?

The good news is that the jury is in, Chiropractic care has been proven to be extremely safe and effective in the treatment of lower back pain.

In fact, over 22 million Americans last year visited a chiropractor last year.

After 22 years in practice, our primary goal is getting you out of pain as quickly as possible and as cost effectively as possible.

So, if you or someone you care about needs some help please feel free to reach out, Let’s find out what’s going on, and help you get on the road to relief.

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