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Get back to pain-free with the help of an experienced Cincinnati OH Chiropractor for chiropractic care. We have helped thousands of people – just like you, get out of pain, fast! Whether it is pain due to over work, auto accidents, slips and falls, moving wrong, or just getting older. You have happened upon the right place.

Dr. Garda, has 22 years of experience as a Chiropractor Cincinnati OH. Here at Backbone Wellness Institute, we treat your pain related problems. These include, of course back pain, and lower back pain. If you suffer from headaches, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain and leg pain, read on. Regardless, whether from a car accident injury, over work, aging, or sports injury, you deserve to feel better.

  • Jenny

    “My appointments are my favorite time of the day, a few minutes to get away from my day to day problems and take care of me for a change."

  • Jenny

    “My appointments are my favorite time of the day, a few minutes to get away from my day to day problems and take care of me for a change."

  • Jenny

    “My appointments are my favorite time of the day, a few minutes to get away from my day to day problems and take care of me for a change."

Dr. Clinton Garda

Where Does It Hurt?

Tell us more about your pain so we can help you get the proper treatment

First Visit

On Your First Visit You Can Expect:

  • A complete consultation to learn about you, your pain, and the history of your case
  • A full neuromuscular examination and digital motion x-rays (as needed) to find the answers
  • A clear explanation of the Doctor's findings
  • If you are a candidate for help, a plan to get rid of your pain
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Our Promise

Our Promise To You And Every Patient

  • WE WILL REALLY LISTEN TO YOU: Every case is different, your consultation is designed for your individual needs so we can understand you, your unique history, and how your pain is interfering with the things you want and need to do.
  • ANSWERS TO ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS: What the cause of my pain? Can you help me? How do this all work? How long is this going to take? You can even ask us what we thought of the game last Sunday!
  • ​HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: At Backbone our policy has always been "If we think we can help you, we'll tell you. If we don't think we can help you we'll tell you that too, and what you should do next".
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Ron S.

Backbone Wellness Institute completely changed my life


  • Dr. Garda’s approach to work on my lower back pain was very helpful. I was in too much pain to have someone try to forcefully manipulate by spine. Instead, Dr. Garda worked to strengthen my spine allowing for re-alignment. I am now completely pain free and back to full mobility.

  • First doctor/chiropractor in 4 years to correctly identify the issue I’m having with my back. Couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen, and look forward to continuing my visits. Dr. Garda is wonderful, and I would encourage anyone looking for a chiropractor to visit his practice.

  • When I first started coming here I couldn't stand up straight and couldn't walk far without using a walker. I had gone to a back specialist and they recommended a surgery. I decide to try the Backbone Wellness first. I can now walk on my therapy treadmill, which is a slower than normal, for 15 mins. at 1.5 speed. When I first started I walked .05 speed & barely made 3 mins. I would be doing even better if I hadn't had a accident 1/2 way through my treatments.

  • Dr. Garda is a kind and empathetic person and takes great care of his patients. He is helping me to remain able to do my job which involves a lot of physical activity as well as other activities that are important to me. I highly recommend him.

What’s Included

  • A Doctor's Consultation
  • Complete Exam & Evaluation
  • X-Rays (As Required)
  • A Way Forward To Fix The Problem

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