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Are you done with putting up with it?

Pain... is a curious thing. It is simply stunning how much we can take. Until we can't. We put up with pain for days, or months, or years and end up trying medications, therapies, heat packs, cold packs, or more...

At some point, enough is enough.

When we have finally had it, we want to be pain-free NOW. I'm going to take a wild guess and say, if you've read this far, you've had enough with living with pain, and you need help. If this is true, then I am happy to tell you that this may be the most impactful thing you read today.


  • Repetitive stress can wear and tear the disc.
  • Posture weakness affects the load bearing capability of the spine.
  • ​Damaged discs lose hydration, accelerating degeneration.
  • ​Damage to outer fibers weakens the internal structure of the disc allowing it to bulge or herniate.


Dull, achy pain that can become sharp.

Difficulty getting moving in the morning.

Difficulty going from sitting to standing.

Can include tingling or numbness or weakness in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.

Symptoms can be on one side or your entire neck and upper extremities.


It's a sad fact that many people continue to struggle with Disc pain even after pursuing over the counter medications, doctor visits for prescriptions in hopes of an answer. When that fails it can lead to physical therapy, acupuncture, internet searches for a self care secret... and then ultimately pain management.

The harmful side effects and addictive quality of these medications can be a dangerous course for anyone.

Finally the promise of a surgical cure can be persued which has been associated with the rise of failed back surgery syndrome today.

That's why we are passionate about the non narcotic, non surgical solutions provided at Backbone Wellness Institute.

  • At Backbone we address the pain by treating the underlying cause.
  • We strengthen your structure to fight degeneration.
  • Improved function allows the body to heal properly.

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Ron S.

Backbone Wellness and Dr. Garda completely changed my life


  • This is a fantastic Chiropractic office! Great people who are totally dedicated to healing your body! I had chronic pain to where I limped. Since going I have been relieved of the extreme lower back and next pain. I feel like a whole new person. Invest in yourself. So worth it!!! Thanks again Doc!

  • I suffered from headaches for most of my life, but Dr Garda has helped immensely! I very rarely have those headaches anymore! I would highly recommend Dr Garda to anyone!

  • Dr. Garda is a kind and empathetic person and takes great care of his patients. He is helping me to remain able to do my job which involves a lot of physical activity as well as other activities that are important to me. I highly recommend him.

  • I've tried a few different chiropractors in the past through roller derby and none compare to Dr. Garda. It's been three years now at Backbone and through every new painful endeavor I decide to do (house renovations, for example) Dr. Garda ever so patiently puts me back together. I've found improvements in being able to sleep, acid reflux, BP and just the general pain I often feel. He's very invested in your recovery and general wellness.

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