How to relieve lower back pain

... is a question that many of our patients at Backbone Wellness come to us with. The good news is Chiropractic therapy along with specific exercises for lower back pain can be an awesome 1-2 combo!

For many, the lower back pain can almost be indescribable.

And when lower back pain is at its worst, it can feel like we might never feel normal again…

What causes lower back pain?

It's been estimated that over 80% of us will deal with low back pain at some point in our life.

Low back pain happens when joints of your spine become overloaded beyond normal limits.

This can happen in an instant – traumas like

  • Bending over and twisting
  • Lifting weight incorrectly
  • Slips or falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Car accidents

… or it can happen over a long period - microtraumas like:

  • sitting for hours per day.
  •  standing on concrete for 8-hour shifts.
  • lifting and carrying all day.
  • Driving hundreds of miles per week.
  • Poor posture

… Or even Aging. As we get older, our bodies wear out or break down more easily. This can start as early as 40+.

What can I do to help my lower back pain?

Keep moving!

We have seen with so many patients over the years – resting just doesn’t seem to do the trick.

So, get moving!

Sit less and walk more to help lower back pain

Even if sitting doesn’t make you feel worse.

Inactivity only makes muscles of your core and lower back become weaker and discs tend to heal better with regular healthy movement.   

Even if it’s only 5 minutes at a time, easy walking is a great help if you are suffering with lower back pain by releasing endorphins and reducing inflammation.  

Ice for lower back pain

Ice is a great way to reduce inflammation of the tissues, aggravating the nerves of your lower back.

Exercises for lower back pain

Cat/Camel Pose

Starting Position - Begin on floor on hands and knees. Hips should be above knees and shoulders above hands. Attain a straight spine position.

Movement - Round your back upward, stretching mid-back between the shoulder blades. Relax and let your stomach fall downward as you arch your back. Hold each position 3-5 seconds and repeat for prescribed repetitions and sets.

Childs Pose

Starting Position - Begin on hands and knees on floor. Reach out directly in front extending arms. Palms should be flat on floor.

Movement - Slowly sit hips back toward floor dropping head and chest downward as arms extend further. Hold for 20-30 seconds or prescribed duration. Repeat for prescribed repetitions.

Double Knee To Chest Stretch

Starting Position - Begin lying on back with knees bent. Your hands should be resting either behind knees or right below knee caps.

Movement - Slowly bend both knees toward chest with hands helping to pull knees. Return to start position and repeat for prescribed repetitions.

Bird Dog

Starting Position - Begin on your hands and knees with your head and back in a straight position. Hands should be under your shoulders, hips directly above knees.

Movement - Activate core muscles. Raise one arm to shoulder level as opposite leg simultaneously lifts off floor, extending to hip height. Pause momentarily. Return to start position and alternate sides. Maintain a straight spine position, not allowing your hips to twist or rotate. Do not hyper-extend low back when extending leg. Repeat for prescribed repetitions and sets.

What if I’m ready to get rid of my pain problem?

If you want to fix your imbalances, you should consider asking for some help from an expert.

So many of our patients initially put off getting treatment as they believe the pain will ‘go away with time’, but then they come to us 6 months down the line with a problem which is much worse.  

For more FREE tips on how to help your back pain, click here to read our FREE pain guide

Many of our patients have found that since lockdown they’ve been suffering from more aches and pains than they did before, this is because we all stayed at home either working or spending our days in front of the television.  

What Else Can I Do? 

You’ve made a great first step by reading this blog post!

It’s unfortunate - We have just seen so many people over the years put off getting help - thinking that their pain will ‘just go away in time’

,,, but then 6 months down the line they’re still in pain, but with one difference… their pain has actually got worse.  

Expert advice, exercises, and hands-on treatment provided by a 24 year professional can help improve your pain, as well as improve posture and strengthen weakened muscles and fixing your imbalances – can help to very quickly relieve your neck or back pain.

Would you like to see a Chiropractor for free? 


We realize some people want more than just some free health tips… That’s why we offer expert advice about the worry and frustration of life-changing aches and pains – for FREE, in under 30 minutes.  

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in one of our free discovery sessions:    

  1. What is the underlying cause of your back pain?    
  2. How long will it take to fix my problem?   
  3. What to do to help – which doesn’t include painkillers, resting or surgery etc.   
  4. What other, natural, drug-free methods are there to speed up recovery alongside treatment?   

Our discovery sessions are great for anyone that may be “unsure” if chiropractic is right for them, and they give you the opportunity to ask questions and see for yourself if we can help you.  

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We’re Here to Help… 

If you’re in pain and would like to talk to us about getting some help, some specialist advice, or if you are looking for a diagnosis, remember we are always here to help you…. and we’re offering you the chance to have your first session to see what Chiropractic can do - for FREE (with a discovery session).  

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That person could be someone who you live with, work with, or an extended friend or family member, who is maybe suffering with some kind of ache or pain that we can fix.  

Forward this blog post full of health tips on to them.

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