Better Posture = a Healthy Back

A lot of people, including our patients at Backbone Wellness, underestimate how important posture can be and how it can benefit your overall quality of life.

So many people today find themselves spending a lot of time sitting at a desk or in their car driving, sitting on the sofa watching Survivor, standing for long periods of time, lifting, bending, and twisting.

And, if you have poor posture, doing these things over the course of your day can seriously affect you and your enjoyment of life in the long run.

Hence, today’s blog post…

We’re going to address posture, what it is, why you need it, how important it is, and then how to give yourself the best chance at avoiding neck, shoulder, and back pain as you get older.

Ok, So What Is Posture, Really?

Quite simply, it’s the position of your body versus gravity.  

From your head position, shoulder/upper girdle position, upper body tilt, to the way your limbs move when you’re sitting, or standing.  

Gravity never rests, but we are mortal and made of imperfect clay, so good posture means less strain on your muscles and joints, while enjoying full blood and oxygen flow. We want to be in the best position possible to lower our risk of developing joint and muscle issues as we age.  

Posture Benefits – Just Do It

Over the last 24 years and 135,000 patient encounters later, we have seen that people who look after their posture and hold themselves correctly are less likely to experience back and neck pain, which can lead to life-changing problems such as Sciatica.  

Doing anything begins first with decision. Do I want to improve my posture? If yes, then we must learn what to do, and then follow through and take action.

We all have 70,000 thoughts enter and exit our consciousness everyday. The real power for you is in the doing, so my best recommendation for you is to read on and get started today.  

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Posture - What Happens If I Don’t Just Do It?

Great question!

A common posture distortion is where we get stuck with our heads forward, shoulders rolled forward, and chest caved in. This simply leaves less room in your chest cavity for your heart and lungs to function properly. We need to breathe fully and have good blood circulation to enjoy your full expression of health. Without it we are chronically fatigued, and brain fogged as well as setting you up for chronic spinal pain issues in the future.

If you don’t watch your posture and the way you’re moving, this can lead to wear and tear in our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs. In the long-term, this wear and tear can increase leading to something called herniated spinal discs (slipped disks), sciatica, and misalignment throughout your entire body.

These injuries cause pain that simply  make everyday life a whole lot harder.  

How Do I Improve My Posture?

There are many things you can do to improve your posture and it’s great that you’re taking the correct steps to help your health, by reading this blog!

The solution for fixing your posture lies in implementing our top tips today, this week and in the long term. Just like brushing your teeth, when is it a good time to stop? It may not be a quick fix but you will be easing your pain in the future.

We believe these healthy habits are something that everyone needs to incorporate into their life.

Top Tips to Improve Your Posture And Prevent Back Pain…

Here are our top 3 tips, plus a video from Dr. Garda, to help you improve your posture and prevent future back pain, and sciatica!

1. Your Mom was right - Sit Up Straight

It might seem obvious but look around you. It’s no surprise that many people go through their day-to-day life slouching, and never even considering taking care of their back.  

If you are like so many others and have an office job, then look at adjusting your seating. Try find a seat height and position where you have your knees, hips, and elbows at 90 degrees with your screen at eye level. When you find yourself sitting for dozens of hours per week, take this first step to taking care of your back and neck. After all the features of the chair you sit on are there for a reason – to make you feel supported!  

2. Mom was right again - Stand Up Straight 

If you stand up at work, then make it a habit to check in with yourself over the course of your working day. Ask yourself “Am I standing up straight?” because it really does help.

And I get it, it can feel like a relief to rest your body weight on one leg whilst giving the other leg a break, but this is pretty much how not to stand. Think of military formations, they stand at ease with weight supported evenly on both legs, and they can do this for long periods of time. This should help to keep your posture right and help you to feel more comfortable while standing.  

3. You’ve Got to Move It

Gravity never rests so the best time to get up and start moving is when you feel your body start to give in and slouch and you begin to find it hard to keep a comfortable position. 

Think about getting up from your chair every 30-minutes or so and do a few stretches or walk around for a few minutes. Doing this, will make you feel more refreshed and ready to start working again or to get on with your day.

Also, don’t underestimate the benefits of exercise. Try to stay as active as possible and ease yourself into exercising regularly.

For more tips on how to put an end to back pain and stiffness – without taking painkillers, without risking surgery,

If you want to fix your imbalances, you should consider asking for some help from an expert.

So many of our patients initially put off getting treatment as they believe the pain will ‘go away with time’, but then they come to us 6 months down the line with a problem which is much worse.  

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Many of our patients have found that since lockdown they’ve been suffering from more aches and pains than they did before, this is because we all stayed at home either working or spending our days in front of the television.  

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