Best Anti Inflammatory

Cincinnati chiropractor discusses one of the biggest causes of confusion - What is the Best Anti Inflammatory?

“Doc, I’m Hurting should I use heat or ice for my pain?"

That's a great question…

Because.... guess what? Everyone wants to use heat!

We hear it all the time

"Y’know Doc when it’s hurting I take a hot shower or I lay on a heating pad."

The problem is, what that is doing is bringing blood to the area.

That’s called vaso-dialation, the blood vessels open up, And that causes more swelling,or inflammation…………
That’s the worst thing you can do because even if it feels good in the short term... you can wake up the next day and barely be able to move.

Because, since you brought all this blood to the affected area it causes swelling,it causes inflammation. 

Now pay attention to this next sentence.

Now pay attention to this next sentence

A nerve doesn’t feel any pain unless its inflamed

Ok, Let that sink in... 

Ice on the other hand is natures best anti-inflammatory BECAUSE is does the opposite of heat….
It shuts down blood flow, reducing swelling and inflammation AND as a side bonus, it also numbs the pain.

Home Instructions

At home you can apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel to the affected area. Do not apply a frozen item directly to the skin (you don’t want to freezer burn yourself).

Apply cold as soon as possible to an injury and use it for just short periods of time, several times a day, usually 20 minutes per session works best.

Ice is inexpensive, simple, easy and it really helps.

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