Surgery vs. Chiropractic: The Shocking Results

Research has continued to show that chiropractic care is one of the most safe and effective options to help you on the road to relief. When was your last adjustment?

This week our goal is for you to have the tools to advocate for yourself. This can be difficult when going through a pain crisis, and not knowing what the best course of action is to get your life back.

More and more, surgery is considered a last resort for the treatment of neck and back problems.

The risks are significant, the costs are high, and the recovery is long and painful.

If you haven't found relief with physical therapy or medications for your back pain, you may think surgery is next on the list.

This week we will review new research which has shown that Chiropractic care should be considered first, and the results may surprise you.

Before Exploring Surgical Options, Consider Chiropractic Care

You may not have heard that the failure rate for spinal disc surgery is up to 20%.

And to make things worse, the next step after a failed discectomy is typically a more dangerous spinal fusion.

So before exploring surgical options, we encourage you to be smart and consider Chiropractic care.

 Researchers found that patients who previously failed with therapy and medications found just as much relief with Chiropractic care as they did with surgery while avoiding nearly all of the risks!

It shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, but the majority of patients who can't find relief physical therapy or medications have experienced benefits with Chiropractic care.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

We have previously discussed Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

There are studies out there showing that chiropractic care can help people even after their surgery has failed them

Patients may benefit from Chiropractic care just as much as if they underwent surgery, without any of the risks.

Greater Satisfaction with Chiropractic

Another study concluded that Spinal, hip, and shoulder pain patients had clinically similar pain relief, greater satisfaction levels, and lower overall cost if they initiated care with DCs, when compared with those who initiated care with MDs.

Smart healthcare providers have begun to offer Chiropractic care before surgical options because of its safety and effectiveness.

It’s a Smart Choice to Explore Chiropractic Care.

Before moving to medications, injections, or surgery, it’s a smart choice to explore Chiropractic care.

We work with your body to help reduce the pain associated with spinal disc issues in your neck or back.

By reducing inflammation, improving your spinal motion, and reducing the compression on your spinal nerves, Chiropractic can help you get well without any of the risks and dangers associated with drugs, injections, or surgery. 

If you’ve been following along, you already know that.

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