Skeptical About Chiropractic?

You’re not Alone, Here are 8 Facts To Win You Over.

One hundred and fourteen years after it was discovered there are still some people who are still skeptical about chiropractic and will say “I just don’t believe in it”, despite countless research studies and acceptance by major health care organizations.

It is puzzling that after 130,000 patient encounters over the course of the last twenty two years we have provided a way for scores of people to quickly and cost effectively get out of pain, some people are just hard to convince. To some we are practicing pseudo science at best and quackery at worst.

A 2006 Gallop poll rated chiropractor dead last in a list of medical professionals when it came to people's impressions about their ethics and honesty.

Another poll done by  with Palmer College of Chiropractic stated that 22% of Americans would be "not very likely" to see a chiropractor for back or neck pain, and 18% said they would be "not likely at all."

That can be disheartening unless you understand that the stigma against chiropractic care is due to fear and people being not well-informed.

Over the years, more and more studies and research have been happening. As time has gone on, more chiropractic facts have emerged, and some benefits have been scientifically proven.

As the facts have come out, the result has been more people are more confident about chiropractic treatments. The natural result is that more people are beginning to like, trust and benefit, getting out of pain without drugs or surgery.

To spread the word to the doubters here are seven chiropractic facts to win them over.

Facts and Research


One recent study, stated that chiropractic care was an effective lower back pain treatment as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Last year 750 active-duty military patients were part of a lower back pain treatment study.

Lower back pain is far too common in the military and can result in absences from duty. Participants in the study received regular medical care, including pain medications, physical therapy, and exercises, or that same treatment plus chiropractic care.

Treatment was given for six weeks and they were tracked for another six weeks. Researchers found that at every step along the way, the patients receiving the chiropractic care were doing better. Their pain was less frequent and less intense.


The American Chiropractic Association had another study which found that when chiropractic care was compared with medical care, chiropractic care was more effective. 94% of chiropractic patients experienced a 30% reduction in their pain, compared to only 54% of the patients who only received traditional medical care. 


The Quebec Task Force on Whiplash and the Bone and Joint Decade Neck Pain Task Force both have agreed that chiropractic care is often beneficial for people who have non-specific neck pain. This is important because neck pain is the second largest cause of musculoskeletal disability.  


The International Headache Society now find that most headaches are the result of pain that radiates from your neck into your head. This is called cervicogenic pain. And, the International Headache Society stated that chiropractic care is often helpful in treating cervicogenic headaches. 


An article published by Gallup in 2016 stated that, 65% of American adults have sought care for neck or back pain in their lifetimes. 25% of them did so in the past year. Did you know that over 35.5 million adults visited a chiropractor for their pain in the past year. According to the survey, 67% found chiropractic care to be beneficial and effective. Great results definitley help when you are skeptical about chiropractic 


The Joint Commission, in 2015 accredited chiropractic and other non-drug care to its pain management standard. This then legitimized this chiropractic nationwide.  


Soon after this declaration by the Joint Commission, coverage for chiropractic services was expanded in both national Medicare and Medicaid programs. 


Congress, after adding chiropractic services to Medicare and Medicaid, added it to their congressional health plan. All members of Congress are now covered for chiropractic care.

The Truth Comes Out

Over time as more people understand it's value, less people are skeptical about Chiropractic. As more people understand the value of chiropractic care; the more people we will be able to help.

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