My Back Hurts - Why? LBP | Pt. 3

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A number of patients in in Cincinnati, Blue Ash, and Montgomery visit our chiropractic clinic in Montgomery looking for answers for their back pain issues.

Different Reasons Your Back Hurts

Two of the most common classifications are:

  • Mechanical pain. This is the most common. Mechanical pain comes from the muscles, ligaments, joints, or bones of the spine. It tends to stay localized in the low back, glutes, and upper legs. it can be exacerbated by loading the spine and can be affected by movement, sitting, standing, or laying down.
  • Radicular pain. Happens when the nerve root is inflamed or pinched. This is a less common occurrence. It typically manifests as sharpness, burning, numbness, or sometimes weakness into the extremity.

 Other Classifications Can Include

Pain from stenosis includes claudication pain which causes cramping in a lower leg leading to limping.  Myelopathy, neuropathy, infections, auto immune disorders, and tumors.

Referred pain is the result of organ disease. what that means is back pain can really be a a more serious problem.

The best way to fix a problem is to know what the problem is. In other words, why is it happening and then creating an appropriate treatment protocol. Effective treatment can reduce the incidence of flare-ups and can prevent your condition from becoming chronic back hurt.

A Proper Diagnosis

Be Empowered

I want you and everyone in Blue Ash, Montgomery, Madeira, Deer Park, Sharonville, Mason, Loveland, and all of Greater Cincinnati to be empowered as we take a deep dive on this subject over the next few weeks. This topic is dear to me. Consequently, I have spent the last 22 years helping people well as quickly as possible and as cost effectively as possible.

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