Do I Have Sciatica?

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First the good news, 90% of all sciatica sufferers can recover without surgery.

The bad news? At least 80% of all Americans will suffer with back pain at some point in their life.

That’s a lot of people. Do you know anyone in that category?

So, Sciatica has its own calling card and if you’ve ever had it, you won’t soon forget.

The pain in your back travels into your hips and down the back of one or both of your legs.

That shooting pain into your lower extremity leg is caused by a compression of your sciatic nerve by your spine, and you’ll learn tomorrow in Part 2, that it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to cause a tremendous amount of pain.

The problem comes down to the fact that, simply put, your nerves are soft, and your spine is hard.

One of the reasons Sciatica is so painful is...

One of the reasons Sciatica is so painful is that it takes very little pressure to start to damage the nerve.

We covered a study where they found that as little as the same as the weight of a dime could cause as up to a 60% decrease in that nerves function

Since your nerves can be so easily affected, it is the job of the bones of your spine to encase and protect your spinal cord.

You  were created so that your toughest material (bone) protects your most sensitive material (nerves), and when the form or function of your spine is altered and even a little pressure is put on your Sciatic nerve the pain can be life altering.

How Does Sciatica Happen?

What Does it Happen?

Your Sciatic nerve is most usually affected by injury to your spinal disc(s). A bulging or herniated disc compresses the nerve exiting your spine and causes sciatic pain.

Remember what we said yesterday, it only takes a tiny amount of pressure to cause a nerve to cause you a lot of misery.

The good news is that the jury is in. Research continues to show that people struggling with sciatica can get fantastic results with chiropractic care.

Getting Rid of Sciatica

What our goal is for you is to find the exact cause of your sciatica.

A good consult, Doctors exam, and x-rays can help us see in black and white what is happening, so that we can help you discover the best course of action.

We want to make sure that you are in the right place, and then help you to get rid of your problem as quickly as possible and as cost effectively as possible.

See you next week!

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